Bjarne Aas

Engineer from Fredrikstad, Norway. Aas designed 12 eight metres in the 1918-1949 period. His most famous 8-metres are: “lbis” (1928), “Sposa l” (1929), “Anne Sophie” (1938). He was a prolific designer of 6-metres, such as One-ton Cup winner “Marianne” and Gold Cup winner “Elisabeth X” (1951-52).

He managed the switch to the new 5.5mR class well, and created the Gold Cup winner “Norna Vll” A lasting contribution to sailing is the International One Design (IOD), a harmonious traditional keelboat with a small cabin, created in 1936 and still raced actively in Bermuda, Norway and the USA.

In 1947, he designed the traditional Viking one-design keelboat for the Scandinavian Yachting Federation, but the concept was a bit outdated, and it did not catch on very well. In the tradition of Colin Archer, Aas designed and built rescue cutters for the Norwegian lifeboat societies.

He also drew and built fast motor yachts for an affluent clientele, and the popular, affordable “Terne” motor skif. Bjarne Aas ran his own boat yard in Fredrikstad, Norway, building numerous wooden yachts, mainly to his own design. Aas was rather penny-pinching and avoided investments to the utmost. The yard did not survive the transformation to fibre-glass in the 1960s, but his son, Henrik Aas, carried on the design tradition.